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الأحد, 2017/03/26
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Street Mobster

Start by ruling a small street in the ghetto and end up owning the whole city. You will make your first cash by robbing gas stations and community stores, thus earning the respect of others. Arm yourself with big guns and prepare to get in real business. Make your gang and face the competition. Racket the businesses around the block, but always be careful not to leave them unprotected, because some unknown newcomers might take over. Fight for domination with thousands of other players or join forces against the common enemy. Build your empire from scratch; own night clubs, bars, office buildings, and even casinos.
Gear up with a variety of 38 guns, train 23 breeds of fight dogs. Choose your ride from 40 different models and acquire 26 special items, all getting you closer to becoming the ultimate ruler of the streets.
Make your gang, make it to the top by starting your game now!
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