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الأحد, 2017/03/26
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Khan Wars

Khan Wars is a medieval browser game, which gives you the opportunity to turn back time and go to ancient worlds of mighty kings, fierce wars and knights! There are many cultures and nations and each one of them has its own unique bonuses and units. That makes the game very dynamic and gives various possible strategies.The very complex battle strategy requires careful balance of the different battle units (archers, cavalry, infantry, siege machines and other) but also a wise choice of a battle formation, which makes the game very interesting and unpredictable. The many different skills of your army are also very important, since they give various bonuses and their selection is crucial.Besides the interesting game play, one of the biggest advantages of Khan Wars is its exceptional graphics, which will show you the beauty of the medieval world. Register now and fulfill your dream to build a mighty kingdom, choose your allies wisely, fight with the ultimate Evil - the Ghost khan, and write your name with golden letters in the glorious history of Khan Wars!
الترتيب: 5.0/1
عدادات: 1397/980
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